A trailblazer in the vitamin industry

Phytologic is a trailblazer in the vitamin industry, becoming
one of Australia’s most successful and innovative distributors
of premium quality herbal, vitamin, mineral and probiotic
supplements to support whole body wellbeing for the whole


Founded in Australia in 2003, Phytologic is built on the values of quality,
innovation and sustainability; commitments which are ingrained in the
business practices and principles of our premium brands, Henry Blooms,
Rochway, Ipromea and our namesake Phytologic brand.


With over 100 years of combined research and operations, and over 150
product innovations across Henry Blooms, Rochway, Ipromea, and our
Phytologic brand, we are committed to providing natural health solutions
for every customer need, to support all Australians with health and wellness
throughout all stages of their lives. We put our customers first, which is
why we prioritise creating premium, effective and nourishing products over
generating profits.

Phytologic’s Big Moments


Five core brands dedicated to supporting all Australians
on their journey to health and wellness, throughout all
stages of their lives. Phytologic is your holistic wellness
destination; a community for education and inspiration.



Henry Blooms was born



Anthogenol was born



Rochway was born



Ipromea was born

All Phytologic products are manufactured in our local state of the art GMP facilities. Our formulations are based on years of clinical research and the highest quality ethically sourced ingredients from  around Australia and the globe, because we want only the best for our customers and their bodies.

It is well-known that the vitamin and supplement market is  incredibly saturated, however we are committed to providing the highest quality products which offer customers real results and a true point of difference from others in the market. This is evident through Phytologic being the only company globally that is licenced

to produce the unique OPC’s formulated in MASQUELIER’s® Anthogenol®, a pioneering Phytologic product for cardiovascular system and circulatory support and connective tissue and bone health that is unlike any other in the market.

A team of dynamic creators, we are constantly researching and developing concepts to remain on the pulse of the latest technologies and trends across our industries. We are fearless in our mission and approach to providing innovative health solutions for every customer need, developing and launching new products and brands across multiple industries and untraversed markets to achieve our goals.







Supporting our value of sustainability, we are committed to
maintaining a clean, green environment, and use eco-friendly
production methods and recyclable packaging materials
wherever possible.